Classic Mics


Welcome to Classicmics

This site is for microphone enthusiasts and a resourse for learning about and appreciating vintage and classic microphones.  This site is currently under construction, but stay tuned for the official launch soon.  In the meantime, the above microphones are a small sampling from my personal collection.  Join me in exploring them and their companies history when we launch.  Thanks!

Shure SM81

Sennheiser 441

Turner 999

Sennheiser 422

Neumann U87

Shure 555

RCA Junior Velocity

Electrovoice 666

Neumann SM2

Sennheiser 416

Groove Tubes Model One

AKG 414

RCA 44

Altec 630B


Oktava MK219

Neumann KM84

Blue Bluebird

Calectro N004-150

Shure SM7